Pheonix - Chloroform (Sleigh Bells Remix)
Sound: Pop, Woman Vocalist, Hard, Rock, Metal-y

I need to get this out of the way up top: I listened to Sleigh Bells way before you did. Phew, validated. 

Now on to my bias: they can do no wrong to me. Even when they’re new track starts off with “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times” I think it is haute.

And finally on to the above song. It’s a remix by Sleigh Bells. A remix with enough new material on it to say Phoenix sings back up on the new SB track. It rips just like every other Sleigh Bells tune. 

Maps & Atlases - Fever

Sound: Indie Rock, Pop, Interesting Male Vocalist, Miike Snow minus the computer

So here it is, my favorite indie music secret: Maps & Atlases. Super catchy tunes with great lyrics and a vocalist that takes fluctuation risks ala Regina Spektor. 

They have an incredible way of starting out albums that fucking hook you and make you want to stay around. Their last album started with “I don’t think there is a sound I hate more // than when you say you don’t love me anymore.” Brutal. Now its “When you are old and grey // I hope that someone holds you the way I would.” More sentimental, but the way its delivered makes you understand.

Fever is the second track on the album and its so damn good. Its like they know I have a summer mix and wanted to make the perfect song for it. Good on you, Maps & Atlases! Good on you!

Also, how good is that album title?! Delightful!

Also also, Remote And Dark Years is very good. Its begging to be used on a soundtrack. If none of you do it, I will!