Gnarls Barkley - Storm Coming

Sound: Soul, Pop, Electronic

How I Feel When Listening to It:

I listened to every song Gnarls Barkley made last night. Because I am a fool and forgot how amazing St. Elsewhere is. Everyone remembers ‘Crazy’ as amazing— and it is. But the rest of the record is beat for beat, just as good. Pop music with an extra pep in it’s step that never took itself seriously from naming it after a turrible man to songs on feng shui, monsters, and necrophilia.

Storm Coming is such a hot track. I can feel CeeLo’s power. He can just stand in front of the mic and yeah, there might be a light(ning) show behind him, but all he has to do is hum and sing. Power.

Cedric Lamar - I Wanna Be Beside You (Live on July 4th)

Sound: Acoustic, Live, Pop, Soul, Ukulele

How I Feel When Listening to It:

New York is losing one of my favorite people on Earth. Cedric Lamar. His name cannot be written without a bold style presentation. Only bold can reflect this man.

The kindest. The most interesting. The most talented. The most humble. The most authentic. The most handsome. Let me just say this— if he was on Real World it would be a terrible season because his positive energy would make everyone in the house get along and be friends. So thats what he is bad at: getting ratings on reality TV based on hatred and fighting. 

Even that last one is a positive. Total fucking package. 

This song is from a video of a massive backyard BBQ a few years ago.  You can even hear me at the very end. “Ced-RICK!" It’s such a fun song. Start your day with it and open the door for a stranger as fast as you can. The power & positivity of CL will make everything work out.

A little insider info: he originally wrote it as a call and response song to sing with kids. Then every adult was like, no thanks— we’ll take it. Want want it. (I think that is true.)

The GIF above is from his goodbye NY performance this past weekend. Incredible show with an incredible crowd. The love in the room was vibrating. And Cedric didn’t let us down. Go figure.

So I wish you luck Cedric Lamar. You don’t need it though. Wherever you go, holy fuck are they lucky. They hit the jackpot.

Future Islands - Seasons (Waiting On You)

Sound: Pop, Synth, AMAZING Voice, Indie Rock?

How I Feel When Listening to It:

I was with chamberlain​ today and he mentioned this performance. HOLY SHIT. The last time I saw a performance that good was The National on Jimmy Fallon doing Terrible Love. (which has now been removed from the internet?

The song is very good. The band is very good. BUT THE LEAD SINGER. His voice was a mystery! WHO IS THAT MAN. And now that I have finally seen him, I am zero percent disappointed. Those eyes, those hips, that swagger. His intensity rivals Stanley in Streetcar. Simply amazing.

(If you are new to Future Islands check out Walking Through That Door and Tin Man.)

Fun. - One Foot

Sound: Pop, Brass, Rock

How I Feel When Listening to It:

I just heard this song last week. I went right into dance mode. It’s simple, you know? But it’s good. I won’t say it’s fun… but… it’s fun, man.

Brass gets the blood pumping. I love a good horn section. When I looked into it, I realized a lot of my favorite songs have horns in them. (Big Boi, Sam & Dave, Beirut, Rubik, Otis, Bon Iver)

There is no wrap up to the entry. Just push play and enjoy the horns, man.