Future Islands - Seasons (Waiting On You)

Sound: Pop, Synth, AMAZING Voice, Indie Rock?

How I Feel When Listening to It:

I was with chamberlain​ today and he mentioned this performance. HOLY SHIT. The last time I saw a performance that good was The National on Jimmy Fallon doing Terrible Love. (which has now been removed from the internet?

The song is very good. The band is very good. BUT THE LEAD SINGER. His voice was a mystery! WHO IS THAT MAN. And now that I have finally seen him, I am zero percent disappointed. Those eyes, those hips, that swagger. His intensity rivals Stanley in Streetcar. Simply amazing.

(If you are new to Future Islands check out Walking Through That Door and Tin Man.)

Fun. - One Foot

Sound: Pop, Brass, Rock

How I Feel When Listening to It:

I just heard this song last week. I went right into dance mode. It’s simple, you know? But it’s good. I won’t say it’s fun… but… it’s fun, man.

Brass gets the blood pumping. I love a good horn section. When I looked into it, I realized a lot of my favorite songs have horns in them. (Big Boi, Sam & Dave, Beirut, Rubik, Otis, Bon Iver)

There is no wrap up to the entry. Just push play and enjoy the horns, man.

Great Good Fine Ok - You’re The One For Me

Sound: Ethereal, Pop, Falsetto, Electronic, Chill-Tempo

How I Feel When Listening to It:

This jam hits my sweet spot in so many ways: falsetto electronic pop with a hot beat? It’s like they made it just for me. Which is what I am choosing to believe. I have had this song on loop for months. Look out for more great stuff in the future from them.

Pheonix - Chloroform (Sleigh Bells Remix)
Sound: Pop, Woman Vocalist, Hard, Rock, Metal-y

I need to get this out of the way up top: I listened to Sleigh Bells way before you did. Phew, validated. 

Now on to my bias: they can do no wrong to me. Even when they’re new track starts off with “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times” I think it is haute.

And finally on to the above song. It’s a remix by Sleigh Bells. A remix with enough new material on it to say Phoenix sings back up on the new SB track. It rips just like every other Sleigh Bells tune.