Young Wonder - Flesh
Sound: Electronic, Pop, Female Vocals, Hip Hop, Club Banger

Wow. Young Wonder just burst on the scene. Coming from nowhere. Or, Ireland. And since I don’t care much for Guinness (if reading that makes you feel any negative emotion, rethink everything about who you are as a person) I would like everyone to accept Young Wonder as Ireland’s national treasure.

I love “Flesh.” We all picture ourselves walking into a crazy fresh club in Abu Dhabi when the track starts off, right? Cool, we’re on the same page.

Also, people are going nutty for Orange and I understand why. It’s an amazing track.

Also also, check out the whole album streaming on SoundCloud.

Poliça - Leading to Death

Sound: Electronic, Indie, Funk, Phantogram-y

This whole album is very good. 

This song is fun. Fun is missing from a lot of music these days. You guys, what happened to fun? Too much Garden State, staring sad guy and not enough Summer School, staring Mark Harmon. 

This song sounds like if Phantogram went on a great first date with Bon Iver’s auto tuned songs. I want to be on that date. Three-way-dates! Do people do that? Lets start that.