LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great
Sound: Electronic, Indie, Dance Punk? (thats a thing?)

I am not a lyrics man. I can listen to a song 100 times and still never know the words. This weakness of mine allows me to completely rediscover music I love after 5 years of continually listening to it.

Which brings us to “Someone Great.”

I always thought it was about a girl. A break up with a dumb girl. (And shit, that still might be true?) That was then. Now, I think its about something completely different (death) and OH MAN is this song incredible. Holy shit, its good. Like, hit the nail on the fucking head, genius level song writing ish.

I am sure we have all heard this song before. Possibly a lot. But for me and where I am at in life, this is brand new song. And I can’t stop listening.

Slow Machete - Fallen Mangoes
Sound: Minimalistic, World, Electronic, Singer/Songwriter, Vocal Harmonies

One of the best albums of last year is online right now, free, and you probably haven’t heard of it yet.

I probably need to go back a little bit (in time). When most Dads show their sons classic rock, I got world music. I’m talking Rusted Root and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. On the way to school, every single morning. I had no idea that wasn’t normal. Because of that any incarnation of world music I instantly connect with. 

And when I heard this song I pushed repeat right away. I listened to it (and the album) for most of a flight from LAX to JFK. ”Fallen Mangoes” is a beautiful mixture of minimalist electronic, singer/songwriter, and world music. The light voice(s) float in and out of the lyrics like the clouds above Dolores Park in summer.  

If you need further convincing for whatever dumb reasoning, the track “Swollen Hands" is great too. Now, go get the album, its free. 

(Song found on BRTE)