The War On Drugs - An Ocean In Between The Waves

Sound: Indie Rock, Experimental, Americana, Blues-y kinda?

How I Feel When Listening to It:

I can’t get enough of seven minute tracks. Take a pop song, or indie song and give it room to breathe. It feels good. Take away the importance of the chorus and just keep playing. It feels closest to the concert experience at home: let the musicians go on their tangents, we’ll make it back to the song eventually. Enjoy the ride, you know?

And what a good ride this is. The riffs feel like America. Should I be wearing a Budweiser shirt on a harley when listening to this song? Probably. Am I wearing a uniqlo shirt and riding the subway instead? Yeah. But it’s all the same because I am right there feeling it. 

Conner Youngblood - The Warpath

Sound: Indie, Electronic, Chilllll, Mandolin???

How I Feel When Listening to It:

A million incredible songs came to the surface in the past 2 weeks. A fucking million. And this is one of them.

I know nothing about Conner Youngblood. I know that I fucking groooooove when this track comes on though. And thats what matters.

Lucius - NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert
Sound: Indie, Vocal Harmonies, Blues, Minimalist

One of the best musicians I know sent me a link. I took the suggestion very seriously. I have watched this video too many times in the past 24 hours. Lucius, holy shit. So good!

They play through their entire EP in the video and it sounds just as good live as it does recorded. Turns all I need to hear is “Did you find love” over and over and I will melt. “I don’t need you anyway” over and over makes me melt, also. 

You guys, Lucius makes me melt. I am a puddle of Nate. Nate got everywhere and ruined the hardwood floor. 

The end. 

Take this suggestion seriously. 

Bombay Bicycle Club - Shuffle
sound: Indie Pop

I haven’t posted in a while. Its because of things. But things have been figured out. So, more music! 

I listened to that track all summer. Like, most every day of summer. I heard it first at Lolla and now I am obsessed. Its so fun! And it isn’t super over the top. The perfect mix of mega chill and fun— which also describes the perfect summer day. See what I am getting at here? This is a summer song. 

Also, the video makes you just smile. I need to go on tour. I need to.