Katy Perry - Dark Horse (ft. Juicy J)

Sound: Pop, Trap-y

How I Feel When Listening to It:

I just heard this song for the first time last week at my sister’s wedding. AND HOLY SHIT AM I LATE TO THE DARK HORSE GAME. At the wedding it was the soundtrack for one of my favorite moments on the dance floor. It is the memory I keep thinking of over and over and laughing out loud at. 

Also, that Juicy J track is one of the worst I have ever heard. Worthless. But don’t let that stop you. Push play.

Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

Sound: Hip Hop, Jazz, Wonderful Chaos

How I Feel When Listening to It:

You guys heard of this Kendrick Lamar kid?

No for reals.

I think we are watching a legend’s discography in the making. His debut album was flawless and every guest verse is incredible. And now paired up with Flying Lotus who is doing crazy interesting things… It makes real good music. Also, Pitchfork’s writeup of the album is great.

Francis And The Lights - ETC

Sound: Pop, Chill, Falsetto, Effervescent 

How I Feel When Listening to It:

Start your Sunday morning with this. Walk out of the subway and down 5th Ave to this. Sip to the best coffee you’ve ever made to this. Gently rock your newborn back and forth to this. Kiss the best person in the world to this. Doodle a new mantra in your sketch book to this.

This song is very great. Very very great.

Oh yeah, if you slow down Crazy In Love vocals it pairs with this perfectly. I think it’s because he does a quick “oh” at :43, like Yonce. Try it. 

Shout out to Holly for being my favorite new music source.

The Hood Internet - Queen x David Bowie x Dillon Francis x T-E-E-D | Without Pressure

Sound: MashUp, Electronic, Dance

How I Feel When Listening to It:

I had an epiphany that sounds so dumb if you know me. I realized that I love dancing. It sounds dumb because I go dancing a lot. But I never realized that it is a hobby of mine. It is. I love dancing. Not good at it. But love doing it.

This mixtape has been on for week straight. Masterful. I saw them when they came to NY a few weeks ago. A lot of fun. (I danced.)